Klarity’s proprietary technologies enables data discovery from multiple sources – social platforms, mobile channels and influencer networks – transforming granular data into reliable social intelligence. The engine’s architecture allows for the rapid and simultaneous gathering of data from Asian and Western social platforms. Analysing over 20 million data points daily, Klarity provides enterprise solutions for marketers, analysts and researchers to measure performance, benchmark against competitors, identify trends and gain insights into behaviour.


thousands of profiles from multiple social platforms, mobile channels and influencer networks


millions of data points – metrics, text and visuals


architecture that manages enormous data sets efficiently and scales effortlessly


extracts only the relevant data and filtering out impurities


adopts recognised methodologies and proprietary algorithms to provide meaningful insights


metrics, tables, graphs and reports through intuitive visualisation


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Klarity Index

A unique index between 0 to 100 that ranks social activity. Taking into consideration various quantitative metrics involving reach and engagement, the Klarity Index is calculated weekly to benchmark the social performance of all the profiles within the Klarity database. The higher the number, the more socially active your brand is. See how your brand ranks against your competitors.

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Klarity Performance Radar

Certain key metrics can provide a quick snapshot of a brand’s social health. Klarity’s Performance Radar is a weekly summary that highlights relevant KPI’s such as Audience Growth, Engagement Rate, Interaction Ratios, etc., helping you to gain insights to drive sales, save time, maximise marketing effectiveness, and measure social performance and business results. Get regular updates on your Brand and your competitors directly delivered to your inbox.

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Brand Diagnostics

Monitor any brand (public social profile) on any of the Western, Asian or mobile social networks we cover to obtain extensive insights into social performance and consumer behaviour. View metrics on reach, engagement and content with the ability to drill-down and analyse the data to gather the intelligence you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Competitive Matrix

Create groups for competitive analysis to benchmark your performance against multiple social profiles. Conduct in-depth comparisons of metrics against your competitors or measure success against different regional profiles to gain all the insights critical in formulating successful digital and strategic plans.



User Friendly

Klarity arranges all metrics and analytics in an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard which you can access anywhere, any time. Keep an eye on your social media performance 24/7.

Global Insights

Covering the world’s largest social networks, Klarity offers single platform as well as cross-platform analysis via a multilingual dashboard. Text data such as posts and comments can also be translated into 20 different languages. Access detailed comparative analytics against your competition, and gain complete insights into global conversations, trends and consumer behaviour.

Asia Focus

Klarity is the leading provider of data discovery from multiple Asian social sources. With the power of social media continually growing in Asia, Klarity allows users to leverage social networks to develop a deeper understanding into this important market.

Mobile Insights

Social mobile channels such as LINE and WeChat are becoming increasingly significant as a source of valuable consumer data. Klarity uniquely provides LINE and WeChat analytics, drawing intelligence from these channels such as engagement and content analysis.

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