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How to More Effectively Market to Millennials
By Klarity In Social Media

Today, a lot of the tried and tested techniques for selling that worked in the past are not nearly as effective. The reason? The internet. The popularity of the internet has created a considerable change in the way people receive information and consume products. As a result, there has probably never been a time when buyers have been more clued-in and knowledgeable about the products or services they desire.

The tried and tested art of selling, which primarily involves switching between aggressive and assertive tactics depending on the reaction of a potential buyer, is becoming less and less effective. At the very forefront of these hard to sell to, clued-in and knowledgeable consumers are the newest generation of adults, and they are called millennials, or the first so-called digital generation.

A high percentage of coverage of that type stems from ignorance and fear, a fear that the world is changing as well as the way people live and interact is changing. So when it comes to selling or promoting your products or services to the digital generation, you simply cannot afford to allow fear and ignorance to cloud your view. Times change, and you either evolve with them or you will find yourself being left behind. Almost as game-changing as the internet itself is the advent of social media, and once again the so-called digital generation, the millennials, are at the forefront of its popularity.

Research suggests that it can be difficult to reach millennials from a marketing and promotion standpoint, but it certainly is not impossible. If you can gain the trust of your audience, you will find that many of them are loyal, willing to interact and are happy to engage with you regularly. When it comes to content discovery for the millennial demographic, the top three platforms are generally Facebook, Twitter and search engines. Most studies also suggest that social media is an absolutely vital component of any modern marketing and promotion campaign. So, if your plan is about marketing and promotion, you have to be on Facebook. As it is not only at the top of most studies when it comes to content discovery, but Facebook also ranks extremely high for promoting brand recognition and loyalty.

According to the American Press Institute, around 88% of millennials get their news from Facebook, and of this 88%, most of them access the platform via a mobile device which they check an average of 43 times per day. Another interesting statistic that has been recently released is between 65% and 75% of millennials are not married, and 25% of them have absolutely no intention of ever getting married at the time of being questioned. So when it comes to target audiences with high disposable income and no dependents, the millennials really are who you should be looking to, and the vast majority of them can be found on social media on a daily basis.

Now, you know who your audience is and you know where to find them. The next step is ensuring you go about targeting them in the correct manner. The following points will help you carrying out your social media campaign off on the right track.


Why is your audience looking to purchase? Are they looking for a solution to a problem? If so, what can you do to solve that problem? Connecting with your audience via social media should always be more about them than you, more about what value you can provide and what problem you can solve than just about your products or your company. Understanding why your audience is looking to buy is critical before you go any further.


When browsing social media, most millennials have become inherently able to spot a “hard sell” from a mile away, and will instantly dismiss such tactics. Social media marketing should always be about providing value. At its very core, social media, for the casual users at least, is a recreational activity. Very few people log into their accounts with the intention of being sold to. They mostly browse social media for fun, to keep in contact with friends, to check out the latest news, and to follow their favourite brands in many cases.

To become one of these brands that single millennials with no children and high disposable income begin to identify with, you have to provide them with a reason to care and to provide them with value. Do this by providing useful, interesting and funny content. Also initiate discussion, interaction, and even debate by posting questions. Moreover, ask your audience for their opinions. The digital age consumers do not want to simply be sold to, instead they want to be part of the process.


In the digital age, consumers can easily post online reviews or opinions, and provide information regarding their experiences of your brand and company, so your reputation can make or break you. Customers no longer simply accept the handpicked testimonials that you choose to provide for them via your website or social media pages – not when there are literally thousands of websites dedicated to hosting authentic customer reviews, as well as reviews on well-respected platforms, such as Google Places. Your reputation is critical, so it is vital that you approach it correctly from day one. Interact with your audience, stay honest, admit when you mess up, and be accountable.

The social media age has opened so many doors when it comes to targeting your ideal customers. Get it right and you will gain the benefits. Young, single millennials with high disposable income can be a very attractive audience for brands and companies. So, develop the right strategies to catch their attention.

Nancy Tai,
Senior Social Data Analyst
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