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Are You Ready for the Back-to-School Campaigns?

Now it is about the time for students to get back to school after enjoying their summer, so it is the time that retailers are busy with advertising and promoting back-to-school shopping. According to the recent 2015 National Retail Federation’s ...
Dimensions of Big Data

What is “big data”? Given its widespread usage across mass media environments, it is not surprising that the precise meaning of the term is often vague. Big data can be understood as the convergence of four dimensions, or the four ...
Social Media for Travellers

When you are planning for your upcoming travel, where will you look for references first? Your local travel agencies, your friends and family, or online travel sites etc. Today travellers make digital sites their first destination when planning their next ...
Mother’s Day Shopping Made Easier
Mother’s day is a day we celebrate our love for our mothers. It is on this day that we want to pamper them with gifts, favourite foods and so much more. How do companies take advantage of this special day to market themselves? The answer is simple – using social media to propel and market ..
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